Proactively Support the Mental Health & Work-Life Balance of Your Employees

Carebridge delivers evidence-based EAP solutions to help your organization—and your colleagues—thrive.

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An EAP Is More Than a Benefit.
It’s a Necessity For Today’s Workforce.

Employees expect their employer to provide affordable mental health care via telehealth,
digital, phone, and in-person support. Carebridge EAP covers all this and more.

We partner with Brokers and HR/Benefits Teams to ensure all employees confidentially receive:

  • Mental Health Care
  • Personal Growth & Training
  • Leadership Support
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Work-Life Services
  • Legal Guidance
  • Financial Education
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Life Coaching
  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Goal Setting
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Behavioral Health
3 co-workers meet to review Carebridge EAP solutions
3 co-workers meet to review Carebridge EAP solutions

From Prevention to Intervention, Carebridge Can Help.

  • Available 24-7 with a 15-second average speed for live answer
  • Licensed clinicians provide immediate in-the-moment support
  • Quick, comprehensive response to critical incidents and trauma in the workplace
  • All contracted mental health counseling sessions are authorized at the start
  • Integration with health insurance plans for continuity of care
  • Meeting individual needs and DEI preferences through our diverse network of providers
  • Competencies in BIPOC, LGBTQ+, GNC, race, creed, religion, veterans, disabilities, and cultural sensitivities
  • Proactive support from certified life coaches for positive behavioral change
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90% of people think more highly of companies that actively address employee mental health and wellbeing.

86% say mental health and wellness benefits are an important part of their decision on whether to pursue a new job.


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