CISD: Does Your EAP Show Up?

CISD, an acronym for Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing, is an essential benefit of a comprehensive employee assistance program. If your EAP doesn’t offer crisis support after a disruption in your workplace. Or doesn’t show up in-person or virtually for immediate intervention like they promised. Then it’s time to re-evaluate your EAP provider.

Planning for Crisis in the Workplace

Every HR professional hopes to avoid tragic events at work. But disruption in the workplace is more common than you may think. Critical incidents such as death of an employee, serious workplace injury, robbery, violence, threats to safety, and community-wide disaster can cause emotional stress and trauma for employees. Having a solid plan in place to help people process the event in a healthy manner can ensure you, your colleagues, and your organization recover quickly.

Importance of CISD Support from an EAP

When crisis strikes an organization, there are two top priorities:

  1. Having easy-to-execute solutions in place for the HR/Benefits Team
  2. Restoring employees’ wellbeing

At a minimum, critical incidents can disrupt productivity. But more often, they cause deeper emotions and mental health concerns. And while CISDs are not designed to replace individual mental health counseling, on-site intervention makes it easier to connect people to further care.

Organizations who directly address workplace crisis in a timely manner are more likely to have higher employee satisfaction, increased employee retention, and higher levels of productivity.

5 CISD Services Your EAP Should Provide

  1. 24-7 management consultation and assessment
  2. Immediate intervention via tele-defusing
  3. On-site critical incident stress debriefings (CISDs)
  4. Post-response support and follow-up
  5. On-site and/or virtual grief and loss sessions

Does Your EAP Show Up for a Crisis?

In the last few years, several digital-only mental health care companies have begun to compete in the EAP field. By offering telehealth only, they aren’t able to provide the in-person critical incident support that traditional employee assistance programs excel in.

During a time of crisis, having intervention support services brought to your workplace within hours of a traumatic event increases the likelihood of recovery. And increases continued utilization of EAP services.

If your EAP isn’t showing up for your organization during crisis, Carebridge can help. Because we offer full CISD Services that also include:

  • Easy coordination and support for you and your HR/Benefits Team
  • Unlimited consultations with a licensed counselor
  • Attentive account manager
  • Custom action plan for moving forward
  • On-going preventative services to build resiliency

Our extensive provider network includes highly trained trauma specialists and crisis intervention specialists all over the country. Carebridge EAP can be at your workplace within hours of request.

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