Why Work-Life Counselors are Better than an Online Search

When you hear about work-life services from an EAP, you may think it’s an outdated benefit. With Google at your fingertips, you should be able to figure it out on your own, right? Maybe not. Work-life counseling is so much more than a search. Here are the top reasons working with a Work-Life Counselor is better than using an online search tool.

Life Stressors Impact Your Employees

Research shows stressful situations happening in our personal life will seep into our work. This can be due to the emotional impact, financial implications, caregiving responsibilities, and/or physical side effects. For example:

  • Not having reliable childcare can cause higher absenteeism
  • Worrying about missing work due to an illness can result in stress
  • Concerns about your aging parent can lead to lack of focus and lower productivity
  • Being evicted from your apartment can cause anxiety
  • Dependent care requires money, time, and finding trusted resources

Using an Online Search for Dependent Care

Imagine you find out your daycare is closing, and you only have two weeks to secure new care. Or your parent just suffered a stroke and now you need to figure out their care options.

Sure, you could Google “daycares near me” or “at-home nursing costs versus assisted living facility.” But the search results will be generic, include paid-for ads, and not be able to consider your unique factors. Plus each of your follow up questions will require a new search or resource.

Most importantly, a search engine will not be able to assess how this situation is impacting your mental health, work-life balance, or finances.

Why Your Employees Need EAP Work-Life Counselors

An EAP Work-Life Counselor works with you 1-on-1 to assess your needs, understand your unique situation, and answer all your questions. Using their years of experience, they will help you consider your options from various perspectives. And ultimately provide you with appropriate referrals and custom guidance.

Additionally—and perhaps, more importantly—Work-Life Counselors are trained to recognize when your situation is deeper than how it appears in your initial request. They know the signs when someone’s mental health, emotional health, and overall wellness are struggling. And have the in-the-moment, free resources available to immediately transfer you to an EAP Counselor for additional help.

Woman waving from home office on her laptop connecting with her comprehensive EAP via video telehealth.

Wondering how else EAPs can help?

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Mental Health Apps Alone Can’t Provide This Service

Comprehensive EAPs like Carebridge make it easy for your employees to receive mental health and work-life counseling benefits from one place. If your organization has been stitching multiple resources together, now is the time to re-evaluate and simplify. Email Carebridge EAP today at sales@carebridge.com to learn how you can source it all from one trusted partner.