Carebridge Corporation Moves EAP Headquarters

Exton, PADecember 1, 2022. Carebridge Corporation, a top-tier employee assistance program, is pleased to announce it has moved its corporate headquarters from Malvern, PA to 855 Springdale Drive in Exton, PA.

“This move signifies an exciting year in Carebridge history,” said John Betts, President. “In addition to rebranding at the beginning of 2022, we have made significant enhancements to our capabilities to meet the growing mental health needs of our clients. Our new headquarters provides a more accessible and calming space to our employees. And gives us room to grow in the future.”

As more organizations recognize the importance of providing mental health care and work-life counseling to their employees, Carebridge EAP has been expanding to meet the growing demand. “Our services naturally evolve from our everyday conversations with HR and benefits teams,” said Therese Saello, AVP Account Management and Product Development. “For the past 30 years, Carebridge has been focusing on helping others. This mentality has kept us agile and highly responsive to our clients’ needs.”

The new headquarters increases overall office space by more than 37% and features more accessible areas. Additionally, there are more energy-efficient systems and environmentally-conscious amenities than the previous space. While Carebridge EAP offers hybrid and remote positions, the headquarters continues to house their corporate, EAP, work-life, and fully staffed call center.

From Prevention to Intervention, Carebridge Can Help.
Carebridge EAP provides preventive and proactive mental health care and work-life benefits to employees and their loved ones. They partner with premier organizations to create mentally healthy workforces nationwide. Their mission is to provide easy, 24-7 access to mental health counseling, certified life coaching, behavioral change tools, and mindfulness practice. Carebridge EAP offers member benefits via telehealth, in-person, phone, chat, and digital platforms.

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